What happens with my data?

What kind of data do you need from me?

We do not want more than first names, last names, adresses nicknames, email address and possibly T-shirt size. We keep it simple - for our and your safety.

What data do you store from me?

Apart from the normal log data (which IP address the website has called) we do not save anything else without you knowing. During the order process you will tell us your name, nickname, date of birth and email address. We need the date of birth to make sure that we do everything right with minors - after all, we need a special permission from the guardians for them. After that we save, if you have paid, what kind of emails we have sent you and if you have checked in or canceled. We do not need and want more.

What happens to my data before the event?

Your personal entries are required for the assignment and for the cross check with the clubs. If you book a club ticket, we will ask the respective clubs if there is a person with these names. We also ask for single tickets, if in the same room a group has already booked - so everything runs smoothly.

We will not send you any promotional emails - any email that comes from us has a reason, for example, that your order has been approved, that we have received your payment, or that you can download your ticket.

In addition, your nickname will be saved in the thread and listed in a publicly viewable room list.

Who has access to my data?

Only the organizer, the platform operator Robert Dannhauer, and you have access.

What happens to my data during the event?

Your data will be needed during the event itself for the check in. After all, we need to know who is allowed in. In the process we will see your name in the system.

What happens to my data after the event?

Your personal data will be deleted 60 days after the end of the event. The only thing left in the system is your ticket and order number, and what happened to those numbers (paid, checked in, etc.). Names and email addresses will be deleted.

Can the organizer keep my data?

In theory, yes, but it is then the responsibility of the organizer to delete this data. Exception is the nickname for the forum and for the badges.